Cuttyhunk Island MR

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Cuttyhunk Island MR is made up of two designations: Loc 57 and Loc 57A. Loc 57 contained all of the fire control sites on the southern end of the island and Loc. 57A contained the AMTB Battery at Copicut Point on the north side of the island. Barracks and officers' quarters were located at each site and at a central site.

Loc. 57

Site 1

Site 2

Site 3

This area was the barracks for the fire control and AMTB sites.

Site 4

Loc. 57A

Battery AMTB 932

This Battery was designated AMTB-2. This battery consisted of four 90mm guns, two fixed and two mobile as well as two mobile 37mm guns. The battery was located at Copicut neck on the north side of the island. This battery was probably completed in 1943 and was deactivated in 1945. 60" searchlights may have accompanied this battery at one point. One of the gun blocks has been washed into the surf and the other is getting close. Foundations for a barracks building and BC Station remain on private property.