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General: Welcome to the New England Defenses website, dedicated to documenting the historical richness of New England's forts, including gun batteries, fort fire control towers, and more. Please note that the information here is on the Coast Defense period which technically starts in the 1790s but I prefer to showcase some of the newer installations that don't get as much attention as colonial-era fortifications. All documents presented here are either public records or obtainable through official channels, which we're happy to assist you with. We uphold the highest standards of legality and ethics, ensuring no classified government documents are featured. It's essential to emphasize that accessing these sites without explicit permission constitutes trespassing and is a punishable offense. New England Defenses is independently operated by Julian Malcolm, prioritizing historical preservation and public safety. For inquiries, contributors can be contacted via their respective user pages, dedicated solely to matters concerning this website.

Safety: Exploring coastal defense sites carries inherent risks, particularly for those lacking adequate preparation or knowledge of site conditions. The precarious state of many locations underscores the importance of caution and expertise. We strongly advise against inexperienced individuals venturing into these areas, as deterioration and hazards pose significant threats, potentially resulting in severe injury or fatality. Respect all barriers and warnings; they exist for your protection. While Julian Malcolm is an experienced enthusiast, his activities are not a model for emulation. Neither New England Defenses nor its affiliates assume liability for injuries or infractions resulting from unauthorized exploration of coastal defense sites.

Technical Disclaimer: Please be aware that some pages contain large image files, necessitating loading time, even on high-speed internet connections. For optimal viewing experience, ensure your browser is updated and avoid using outdated platforms, as compatibility may be affected. Guests can personalize their browsing experience with the "Dark Mode" feature, though compatibility varies across devices and browsers. PDFs are integrated into the site and can be viewed using your browser's default viewer or saved for offline access if necessary. Embedded YouTube videos enhance content, compatible with most modern browsers except for Internet Explorer, which ceased support on June 15th, 2022. For inquiries or technical support, please Contact Us. Thank you for your interest and patience.

Language: The exploration of abandoned coastal fortifications reveals a complex tapestry of history and neglect. Regrettably, due to years of abandonment, these sites have been subject to vandalism, often adorned with profanity, gore, and other unsettling imagery. Capturing the essence of these locations inevitably entails encountering such elements, as we strive for authenticity in our documentation. Please note that none of the photos on this site undergo editing or censorship; what you see reflects the reality of our explorations. We acknowledge the limitations of our expertise in post-processing and prioritize preserving the integrity of the sites we document.